Double neck bass guitar/4 string guitar combination

This is an example of what happens if you are just going to make what you feel like is fun to do! I made this one for myself, and play it with a loopstation pedal. First I throw in some bass line followed by soloing over it with the 4 string neck. I recently modified it with a Sitar bridge to make it even more psychedelically sounding..

The top is handhammered into a light arch shape. The lines are rolled in, to serve as a bracing system, and a cross brace is attached to the inside of the top.
The top is tuned by hammering the aluminum.

Letters are hammered in, and the aluminum is polished to a mirror shine.


“Free vibrating system”

An important feature of the Alu top guitar is the use of the free vibrating system. This means there are no objects connected to the top of the guitar, giving the top total freedom for vibrating.
This means the pickups are mounted on the wooden backside of the guitar and sticking through bigger holes in the top. Also the potentiometer knobs are just sticking through big holes in the top.

The only object touching the top is the bridge, which brings the resonance of the strings to the top.


  • Aluminum handhammered top
  • Aluminum crossbrace
  • Free vibrating system
  • Ash body (harvested from the Buitenveldert graveyard in Amsterdam)
  • nitrocellulose laquer
  • Two piece maple necks, bolt on
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Medium frets, bone nut
  • necks are plain nitrocellulose laquered
  • All hardware handmade of aluminum
  • Handwound pickups, alnico 5 or alnico 8 polepieces
  • zinc pickup covers
  • Fused ground

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